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Since our launch in 2012 we have achieved big things with your support.
And we are only getting started.

Teen Cancer America partners with hospitals throughout the United States to develop specialized facilities and services for teens and young adults with cancer. We build teen friendly environments, enhancing the hospital experience. We develop standards for age-targeted care, improve collaboration between pediatric and adult specialists and enable dedicated research to improve outcomes and survival for our young people.

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Hospital Stories

Teen & Young Adult Hospital Stories

The best way to understand how your support helps is by reading the stories of our teen and young adults and their unique experiences in hospital care around the United States.

Health Professionals Stories

Read the stories of our unseen heroes, the health professionals who are on the ground, every day, helping our young not give up even if for a second.

Global Adolescent & Young Adult Cancer Congress

Teen Cancer America is proud to be hosting the 2nd Global Adolescent and Young Adult Cancer Congress. Hundreds of leading healthcare professionals from across the globe will showcase the latest developments, research and challenges focusing on the age group of 13 - 24 years old.