Play it Back

Giving Young Adult Cancer Survivors the Opportunity to Rock

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The Play It Back Music program gives adolescent and young adult (AYA) cancer survivors the opportunity to express themselves and heal through the power of making music. Play It Back connects AYA cancer survivors with industry professionals to create songs, meet artists, and explore music. We work with all skill levels, from professional to beginner.




Play It Back Homies

The Play It Back Homies are all those awesome people who have supported the program with their attention, love, and creativity. They are all creative and soulful people who happen to be awesome at what they do and want to spread the joy of healing through making music with Play It Back.

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    Benny Blanco

    If you look at Benny’s resume (a crazy amount of huge hit songs by the ripe age of 30ish) you might think he’d be full of himself or at the very least, a diva. He is not either and we love him for that. Among the most real people on the planet, Benny gives his time to Play It Back artists again and again, hooking them up with inspiration and introducing them to amazing artists who also just happen to be his best buds. He has been a champion of the program for the last 8 years (even before it was an official thing). Short version: Everyone Loves Benny.

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    Portugal. The Man

    Portugal. The Man is a group of amazingly passionate and talented people who happen to also be a great band. John and Zack reached out to our first official Play It Back artist Jian Mehta while Jian was fighting leukemia at UCLA Medical Center. They gave him loads of encouragement and had him as a special guest at The Shrine on their last tour. They changed Jian’s life with their honest praise and interest in his art. They also attended and performed their gigantic hit “Feel It Still” and Jian’s song “Dangerous Love” at the First Annual Play It Back Songs Night at Apogee Studio in 2019.

Play it Back Crew

The Play It Back Crew is another important piece of the puzzle. Without these folks, none of this would be possible.

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    Jon Levine

    An incredible producer, songwriter and musician (monster of the piano), Jon produced the international hit “Fight Song” among many others. We love him for his self-deprecating humility and willingness to play piano with us, both on tracks (Letty Vasquez’s “Long Day”) and live (at the Play It Back Songs night in our house band). You basically don’t even need to teach him songs. Just start playing and he magically knows what to play. It’s fun to watch everyone’s jaws drop at his talent which he humbly lends to us.

Get Involved!

Want to be a Play It Back Artist?

If you or someone you know wants to become a Play It Back artist, please out the referral form. If you are under 18, you must have a guardian fill out an Authroization of Communication form.

Volunteer as a Producer

If you are in the industry and would like to make a difference reach out to Play it Back’s Music Producer, Kenli Mattus at


If you can’t volunteer or participate, no worrries! Every dollar helps. Your donation goes straight to the organization and instantly helps.

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