Young Advocates Raise Awareness On Giving Tuesday

Teen Cancer America celebrated their first live-stream event on Giving Tuesday to help raise awareness for young people going through cancer. Funds raised will be geared toward helping create age-specific hospital programs and facilities for teens and young adults facing cancer.

Hosted at the studio of Play It Back Songs Program Manager, Kenli Mattus, the live-stream event featured original songs created by young survivors. The music program itself allows participants to create high-quality recordings of their own original songs using current song writing methods with professional producers, writers, and world-renowned music creators.

“It was amazing having all the TCA Play It Back artists in the studio performing, having fun and sharing their experiences. They’ve all come such a long way,” said Mattus. “The response to TCA’s Play It Back Music Program has been overwhelming. We’ve built a small community that grows every day because AYA’s expressing themselves with songs is a perfect match. They have so much to share.”

So far, 11 Young people that have faced cancer have gone through the Play It Back program since its inception in 2018. Nearly 40 songs have been recorded and/or being recorded. If you would like to get involved with the program by donating or volunteering to the cause, please reach out to Kenli Mattus at to find out how you can get involved.